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Pictures of exhibitionist wives and girlfriends wearing see thru, sheer and transparent clothing. See through blouses and tops, transparent dress and sexy revealing clothing.
A lot of people (myself included) would rather see a little teasing rather than downright nudity. My favourite turn-on is to see a sexy exhibitionist woman in public wearing a see-thru top or see thru dress.
Sheer, transparent and see through clothing is just so sexy, especially if what is being revealed underneath is either a stunning body or sexy lingerie.

Exhibitionist Flashing MILF Wife

We have posted over 30 new pictures sets and over 2000 pictures to the VIP area in the past three weeks so we thought it was time to give you a glimpse of what we have added to the site. One of our favourite sets was submitted to us by a member and shows his […]

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Sexy celebrities pictures

Awesome Sexy Celebrities Wearing See thru and Sexy Clothes

I know, I know…. this site is called Legsomania's AMATEUR exhibitionists and this posting features women who are far from amateur. But they are just so sexy and ARE exhibtionists I thought I'd drop this one posting in here as we have recieved so many requested for celebrity pictures. So, we have posted a huge […]

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Sexy Desi Pakistani and Indian Girls

Some great sexy Desi Indian and Pakistani girls have been posted to the VIP area. There are several hundred pictures showing sexy Desi girls naked in public, topless, wearing stockings, see thru clothing and some desi hardcore images. This set features pictures of women of all ages from sexy desi teensto desi aunties. Girls from […]

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Chubby Young Exhibitionist Flasher Wearing Revealing Clothing

A great picture set has just been added to the VIP area showing an amateur girl who is a little on the chubby side, but still extremely sexy. She loves to wear her very revealing clothes flashing in public. The set includes pictures of her flashing wearing a tight micro mini dress with no knickers, […]

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Sexy Asian Exhibitionist

Pictures of Sexy Asian Girls

Why is it that Asian girls are so sexy? They appear to be more exhibitionist than most despite their conservative culture. They bought us sexy Anime and Manga as well as the lovely practice of Bukkake! It doesnt matter if they come from Japan, China, Thailand, Korea or Malaysia – they are all super sexy. […]

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