Welcome to the members area of Legsomania's Amateur English Girls.
This site was re-designed during July 2003 - All images are now stored in a database so you can search for pictures of an individual girl or topic. Written in Php/Mysql the site is now quicker and easier to navigate. 
Some frequently asked questions are listed below,



How do I view all the pictures?

It will take you quite a while!!! The best way is start at the main index page and then select one of the 6 picture categories. (My pics, girls pics 2003,2002,2001 and members contributions.) 12 photo sets are then shown - the most recent first. To move to the next 12 sets click the small page numbers at the bottom right of the screen.

How do I find out more about a particular girl?

Wherever you see a girls picture, click on the word 'bio' underneath the picture to see her personal biography.

How do I locate pictures of a particular girl?

Once you know the girls name simply select 'SEARCH' from the top menu and enter her name. Alternatively, when viewing a picture of the girl click on her name in the 'keywords' section under the picture. If you don;t see a 'keywords' section then click on the small green letter 'i' near the top of the page. The information regarding the picture is displayed underneath and you can simply click on the girls name (the first keyword) to find all her pictures.

Only a few, or no pictures at all are displayed when I click the "TOP RATED" or "MOST VIEWED" buttons.

When either of these buttons are clicked whilst viewing an individual picture album, only pictures from that album are shown.  If you wish to see results for the entire site click the buttons whilst at the main index page.

How do I view pictures with a particular theme?

Either click the "SEARCH" button at the top of the screen and enter a search term or select a keyword from underneath an individual picture. Make sure you have clicked the 'information' button (the small green letter 'i' near the top of the page) . The information regarding the picture and clickable keywords are displayed underneath.

I've clicked on one of the random pictures. How do I view all the pictures from that set?

  The information regarding the picture is shown underneath the image. Click on the "Album Name" to see all the pictures in the same set.

The random images at the bottom of the screen don't appear to be random?

 From the main menu 12 random pictures are shown at the bottom of the page. These are selected at random from the entire site. Once you click on a picture category 12 more random pictures are shown, this time selected from the chosen category. Return to the main menu to see more pictures from the entire site.

How do I get a picture to be displyed larger?

 When you click on a small thumbnail the picture is displayed in 'mid sized mode' in the middle of the screen. To view the picture full sized simply click on th mid sized image.

Can I display the pictures as a slide-show?

 Yes!!! Simply select a picture from an album and then click on the small button the thr right of the green 'i' button just above the picture. The slide-show will then start. There is a 5 second pause between each picture, this cannot be changed. To stop the slide-show click the button under the picture.

 I don't have permission to send an 'e-card'

 The facility to send an e-card has been disabled. I do not wish pictures from the members area to be shared with non-members. Please do not ask for this feature to be enabled.

 Am I allowed to add comments to each picture?

 Yes, I encourage you to leave comments for the girls under each picture. Please be kind and don't be offensive!! Most of the girls read their comments regularly and will reply.

 Why should I bother rating the pictures I view?

 By rating the pictures you tell me what type of picture you like. I will take this into account when organising future photo-shoots.

 I wish to cancel my membership. How do I do this?

If you signed up with CCbill simply visit their website at http://www.ccbill.com . If you signed up using Globill visit http://www.globill.com . Be sure to have your subscription ID handy (It was sent to you by email when you joined).